Terms Of Condition

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Dear seller!

Trading with ants, accessories and feed animals is permitted in our forum. Please attend the following rules:

The trade is only permitteted for small quantities. A small fee is required for commercial use of our marketplace.

The call to "collective orders" is prohibited.

At least the genus needs to be determined.

Only one thread per person is allowed.

User can only post offers after 15 post in our forum

For the content of the advertisement and the quality of the goods, the advertiser has the sole responsibility.

All announcements are checked before the publication, and after a judgement of a moderator it will be added to the marketplace. If we suspect a commercial trade the "trading licence" or an information of the "tax number" is to be shown or to state in the advertisement.

Only posts containing informations and descriptions of the offer, or which indicate that the offer is completed, are allowed in the thread.

To avoid discussions, posts with opinions on the offers are neither desired nor allowed.
For such matters, the PM function is available.
Discrediting remarks of any kind are prohibited.

Posting in our forum with the sole intend of reaching the necessary 15 posts for marketplace offers is not permitted. Such posts will be deleted and the user will loose his access to the marketplace.

We wish you a pleasant stay in our forum!
Kind regards, the Forum-Team!